Versa Armoire By South Shore by South Shore Discount

Versa Armoire By South Shore by South Shore Discount

  • Material: Manufactured wood
  • Tipover Restraint Device Included: Yes
  • Total Number of Shelves: 4
  • Adjustable Interior Shelves: Yes
  • Total Number of Drawers: 2

Common Mattress Sizes

When buying a mattress, most individuals are responsive to the four most typically used sizes in the United States: twin, full, queen, and king. However, there are many different mattress sizes on the market that customers could not be as familiar with. Check out the list below for dimensions and descriptions of nine varieties of mattress sizes offered.

Customary bunk bed mattress

-39? x 75? -The customary bunk bed mattress is the scale of the majority of bunk beds out there. It's a small mattress that's best for accommodating school-age children to adults. It is the identical size as a twin or single bed mattress.

Narrow bunk bed mattress

-thirty six? x 75? -The slim bunk bed is slightly smaller than a standard bunk bed, however still comfortably fits one person. It Briese Upholstered Standard Bed by Canora Grey is usually used by youngsters and pre-teens.

Twin/single mattress

-thirty-nine? x 75? -The twin mattress, additionally known as one mattress, is the identical size as a commonplace bunk bed mattress. It's little and recommended for single person use.

Further long twin mattress

-thirty-nine? x 80? -An additional long twin mattress is five inches longer than a customary twin mattress. These types of mattresses are most often found in college dorm rooms. Special sheets are needed to fit this type of mattress.

Full/double mattress

-54? x 75? -A full mattress, conjointly referred to as a double Versa Armoire By South Shore by South Shore Discount mattress, is fifteen inches wider than a twin mattress. It comfortably fits two small adults. While it provides a generous quantity of width, it's the identical length as a twin mattress therefore taller people might Mclemore Upholstered Panel Headboard by Three Posts still realize a full mattress too short.

Queen mattress

-sixty? x eighty? -A queen size mattress is each wider and Duenas Upholstered Bench by Millwood Pines longer than a full size mattress, making it a nice alternative for taller teenagers or adults transitioning to a bigger bed. It's Versa Armoire By South Shore by South Shore Discount one amongst the foremost well-liked mattress sizes and fits two adults comfortably.

Olympic queen mattress

-sixty six? x 80? -An Olympic queen mattress, conjointly referred to as an expanded queen mattress, provides six extra inches of width to a traditional queen mattress. They are also thicker than a customary Versa Armoire By South Shore by South Shore Discount queen mattress thus special sheets are required. Two adults will comfortably sleep on this size mattress.

King mattress

-76? x eighty? -A king Malmberg Upholstered Bench by Astoria Grand size mattress measures in longer and wider than a queen size mattress, making it a great selection for taller, larger adults or individuals who relish more area to themselves whereas sleeping. It provides a lot of than enough area for 2 adults to sleep comfortably.

California king mattress

-seventy two? x eighty four? -A California king mattress isn't quite as wide as a commonplace king size mattress, but provides four additional inches of length. This size mattress is changing into more and more common as people wish more area for themselves and their sleeping partner. This size is also nice for very tall individuals.


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